The dry season affects drought in mostly of part tobacco field in Indonesia. But the drought actually brings the blessing to tobacco farmers. Tobacco farmers reap the benefit of this dry season, the quality of tobacco is good enough. The quality of tobacco also brings the selling price of crops crawls up which is quite promising.

With the weather supportive, tobacco production in 2018 has increased compared to the previous year. Tobacco farmers are optimistic to get the maximum selling price. It is expected that national target volume 180.000 – 200,000 tons will be achieved.

FCV Lombok

Despite of the earthquake occurred in Lombok, Tobacco harvest in Lombok this year is estimated to be on target reach 35.000 tons.

Until this month the harvest volume already reach 60 percent in which 12.000 tons has been bought by the factory, and the rest still being hold by farmers. The quality of tobacco generally is lemon to light orange style.

Tobacco grades from each parts are different depend on the land category.

From South Lombok generally they produce BL1, while from Central & North Lombok part we can find FCV Lombok grade BO1, B1LF and BF1.

This year’s FCV Lombok price increased by 5000 idr per grade.

FCV Bojonegoro:

From the target tobacco cultivation area of ​​about 9 thousand hectares, only 8600 hectares were planted.

The total estimation of crop in Bojonegoro this year achieved quantity 10,000 tons.

They are divided in some tobacco type as below:

Virginia VO : 8.000 tons.

Local ( Jawa )  & Ram : 2.000 tons.

The tobacco price is also increasing from idr. 27.000 to idr. 35.000/kg.

Cigar Leaf & Dark Air Cured:

The production of Besuki and TBN in East Java this year, from the quantity not so different with the previous year, and the quality is the same. The price is increasing about 15 – 20 %.

The estimation crop size as below:


TBN this year produced by 3 suppliers with the detail below:

PTPN, from 250 Ha planted area produced 525 tons.

TTN, from 150 Ha planted area estimated can produce 315 tons.

TR, they can produce TBN 420 tons this year.

So total production of TBN this year 1.260 tons.


Besuki Na Oogst, from 1200 Ha planted the production this year can achieve 1.560 tons.

Besuki Nota, total planted area 2500 ha and estimation crop 3.750 tons.

JATIM , Madura & Kasturi

Tobacco production in East Java  this year is good, it reach 120,000 tons from the plantation separated from some areas such as Madura ( 32.000 ha ), Probolinggo ( 11.000 ha ), Jombang and some others areas.

This number divided for some tobacco types such as Jatim VO, Madura, Paiton and Kasturi.

DFC & Other Central Java

Due to lack of rainwater supply, the tobacco growth in Central Java is less than optimal. This year total production of DFC, Janturan, VO and fine cut tobacco will decrease by 25 %.

It is estimated that DFC type production from some part of Central Java such as Temanggung, Boyolali, and Solo will achieve 15,000 tons this year, but the quality is better than last year. While the price is increase 10 % average.

“Farmers feel very grateful because the tobacco price is very high this year and this has become a distinct advantage for tobacco farmers. So it is expected that the price will continue to rise along with the increasing quality of tobacco.”