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The National tobacco production for 2023 was estimated at 234,109 ton, increased 6 % from the last year which reached a production figure 225.579 ton.
The estimation tobacco crop for some areas as below:

1. FCV Lombok:
The planned tobacco planting area for FCV Lombok in year 2023 will be 34.000 ha with assumption that the average productivity is 1.2 tons/ha, so that it is estimated that FCV Lombok tobacco production will be 41.000 ton. It is down 7 % from previous year that reached production 43.924 ton.

2. FCV Bojonegoro:
This year, the total planted area of tobacco in Bojonegoro reaches 11.200 hectares. Total overall production for year 2023 is approximately reach 13.123 ton consist of Virginia tobacco 9.227 ton and local (Java) about 3.896 tons.

3. Jatim Tobacco (East Java) :
The production of Jatim tobacco in year 2023 is estimated about 114.865 tons with estimation tobacco planting area 111.171 hectares. It is increased 14 % from last year production which reach 100.553 tons.

These number include the production from Jatim VO, Kasturi, Rajangan, Paiton, and Madura, Krosok.

For Paiton tobacco, it was estimated that tobacco planting area for 2023 will be 9.549 ha with an assumption that the average productivity is 1.4 ton/ha, so it is estimated tha Paiton VO tobacco production will be 12.414 ton. It is down 15 % from last year with production number reach 10.594 ton.

4. Central Java origin Tobacco:
As of Mid of May 2023, the area of tobacco plants in Central Java is estimated about 54.835 ha, with estimation tobacco production reach 52.151 ton. Even though there has been delay in planting period, it is predicted that the production number to be almost the same as previous year, which reach 53.653 ton.

These include Tembakau Asepan (DFC), Rajangan Temanggung, Janturan, Garangan etc.

5. Besuki Cigar Leaf:
The production of Besuki Nota this in year 2023 was estimated reached 5.280 ton, while Besuki Na Oogst approximately reach 3.180 tons with estimated planting area 2000 ha. The quality of the NOTA of this year is more or lest not far with last year.

10 Province in Indonesia as the largest tobacco production:

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