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Tobacco Leaf Supplier

A tobacco leaf supplier that established itself
directly with primary producers to remove leaf merchants
from the supply chain.


Tailored To Your Need

Cut tobaccos in various styles and sizes to fit the desired market specifications.
We have custom tobacco blending services for the development
of specific or customized blends.

About Our Company

Far East Leaf Indonesia (PT. FELI) is subsidiary of Star Agritech International which the Head Quarter is located in Istanbul, Turkiye. PT. Far East Leaf Indonesia is established in 2014 which the main office is located in Denpasar, Bali. PT. FELI also has office in Surabaya, East Java and warehouse located in Malang, East Java. The core business of PT. FELI is importing worldwide tobacco raw material to Indonesia, then sell them to local buyers. We also doing export business from Indonesia to abroad. We provide tobacco leaf and its derivative such as Scrap, CRES, Reconstituted (Recon) Tobacco, DIET, and Stem.

We are proud to position ourselves as partners exclusively with Private medium sized company.


  • Fair Prices
  • Farmer Sustainability
  • Perfection In Blending
  • Seamless Customer Service
  • Full Traceability From Seed To Box

Tobacco Origins

Through Far East Leaf Indonesia secure sourcing, it is able to offer a variety of tobacco leaf grades from the following origins. Far East Leaf Indonesia Holds in excess of 50 MM Kgs of Tobacco Leaf in inventories or under Direct Options.

Burley Tobacco:

Malawi, China, Serbia, Italy, Bulgarian, Poland, Cambodian, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh

Flue Cured Virginia Tobacco:

USA, India, Bangladesh, Cambodian, Greece, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Spanish, Italy, Croatia, China, Vietnam, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Brazil, Argentina

Dark Fired / Air Cured Tobacco:

Indonesia, Indian, Italy, Poland, India, Paraguay

Oriental Tobacco:

Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey

Sourcing Origins













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